Counted among the No 1 providers of handheld point of sale billing machine by brand name “SaiBalaji Handhelds”, Goldimine Electrosystems Pvt ltd represents as one of the key Renouned and Trusted Manufactures and Exporters in India. Our versatile range of hand held computers includes SaiBalaji Handheld Billing Machine , SaiBalaji Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine ,SaiBalaji Data Collection Machine, SaiBalaji Point of Sale Terminal , SaiBalaji Spot Billing Machine. Our Handheld Billing Machines are designed in accordance with the market demands and with an objective of customer satisfaction.

Why our Portable Handheld Billing Machine?

  • Compact in size
  • Light in weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Technologically advanced
  • Rugged, and suitable for the rough environment
Sai balaji Brocher front
Sai balaji Brocher Back
  • Used In Places Like:
  • Buses Delivery Sales Vans
  • Go-downs Raw Material Collection Centre
  • Fertilizer Depots Daily Deposit Collection
  • Loan Recovery of Banks Ticketing in buses
  • Spot billing in Electricity Water Suppliers
  • Spot Billing in Petrol Bunks Billing in Delivery Sales Van

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