Handheld Bus Ticketing Machine

Electronic Bus Ticketing Machine which is especially made for Road Transport Corporations and Private Bus Operators. Field Executives can login and logout with each shift for direct accountability of any money collected and transactions performed.
Understanding the need to have an advanced mechanism, SaiBalaji Handhelds has introduced a charismatic Bus Ticketing Machine with sophisticated features and performance. This contemporary machine is used to give tickets to bus passengers. Additionally, the device can be connected to computer and download data and can receive various related reports from it. The reports generated from Bus Ticketing Machine are:

Trip Sheet Ticket Details
Stage Wise Reports Online Exp.Reports
Concessions Reports Refund Reports
Status Reports Collection Reports
Toll Tax Reports Police Warrant Reports
Night Out Reports Erase Data Reports

    List of tickets issued are:

  • Passenger ticket
  • Luggage Ticket
  • Bus Pass
  • Bus Route Cards
  • Fare table based ticketing and etc.,

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