Cash Collection Machines

These machines are effectively used by Micro Finance’s, large Chitfund houses and others for effective cash collection and cash management. To aid the daily small saving customers, SaiBalaji Handhelds has brought out the invincible Micro Finance Spot Billing Machine. This device is highly useful for small sector banks in collecting money from minor customers. The bank agent gives receipt on the spot to customer for receipt of amount. Once the receipts are generated, the agent downloads data to computer in the bank and deposits money in bank, while posting of amount to respective accounts is done automatically. This machine empowers the small saving customers to keep control over cash collected by bank agents, thus assuring the relationship between bank and customer. The reports generated from Spot Billing Machine for Micro Finance are:

  • Scroll Reports
  • Dated- Receipt Wise
  • Total – Receipt Wise
  • Today -Account Wise
  • Total -Account Wise
  • Daily Summary
  • Duplicate Reports

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